Documentation Separation

Is it just me or is the documentation for the legacy version of Blynk totally mixed in with the v2.0 documentation? When using the new web console and clicking on the documentation I get a mix of both. e.g.: BLYNK_APP_CONNECTED() seems to be deprecated in v2.0, but there it is in the new docs.

Perhaps I’m missing something, but it would be great to be able to filter/separate the two so that I know what’s possible on the new platform, and what’s not. It would be great to have a filter for -only- the v2.0 widgets and their capabilities.

'Trying my best.

Introduction - Blynk Documentation is all about 2.0. It has few copy/paste from the blynk 1.0 doc, so somewhere it has outdated info. I removed BLYNK_APP_CONNECTED block. Thanks for the info.