Do I have to pay for widgets separately for a local server?

I’m currently running the app on the blynk could while building my project (one step at a time). I planned to move everything to a local server as soon as I got everything up and running. The reason to not do that immediately is to limit the error tracking scope when debugging.

Now I read here:

:point_up: IMPORTANT
Blynk Local Server is different from Blynk Cloud server. They are not related at all. You have to create new account when using Blynk local server.

This raises two questions: when I move to local server,

  1. do I have to rebuild the entire project again (the app part that is)?
  2. does that mean I have to buy the required energy again? (so once for setting it up for blynk-cloud and once for setting it up on a local server?)

Hello. You may use cloning - Introduction - Blynk Documentation

No. The local server is fully free.

@Dmitriy: thank you for the swift reply!

Very useful. thnx!