Do accounts expire due to inactivity?

My Blynk app on my iphone 6 (iOs 10.0.1) appears to be up to date but i can’t log in. I’ve tried to reset my password but it tells me that email address doesn’t exist in your database. I’ve tried the only other email address I have and it does the same thing. It’s been 10 or so months since i’ve logged in…has my account expired?


Hello. Probably yes. Please create account again. Did you have some energy there?

Me too what kind of nonsense is this.

@tablatronix this is not a nonsense. Old accounts require support and back compatibility. We don’t have enough resources to do that. Sorry. We do all we can with available man-hours.

So you just disable customers accounts and delete their projects with no notification or warnings?

If i do not use my account for 6 months Am i gonna keep losing everything?

I thought blynk was out of beta. This makes no sense.

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Blynk is out of Beta, but it’s also a free service

As we become profitable(believe me we are not yet making enough money on Energy) we will put more resources into making it even more stable than now.

Overall it was a single update that messed with a few accounts. Most of them were already restored.

We hear your frustration and eager to help when it’s possible. We are also eager to refill your account for the inconveniences.

But if you still consider it being nonsense - you can:

  • install local server and keep your account on your machine and not rely on some awesome free iot cloud running for you 24/7
  • contribute to our open source repositories
  • join our team and work for free 7 days a week
  • support us by spreading the word about Blynk and buy Energy

By the way. We do not remove accounts anymore :slight_smile:.

Good to hear, thanks for update.

Im an early adopter been using blynk since the beginning, was about to go live with my project and it was gone so yeah I hope this was not a big setback for others that have been waiting for the platform to mature. I use blynk because other mqtt services do not provide low latency real time updating of sliders etc.

I am also an oss developer, I do work 7 days a week for free.

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Heh. Good to know someone really needs this :joy: and my optimizations were necessary.

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Dear Dmitriy,
many of us recognized your excellent work and day by day discovered your optimizations…!
Do not doubt about it!!!

Thanks and best Regards,
Mike Kranidis