Display widget like in Processing

I would like a display widget. Just a screen like in processing and we can write code to choose what is displayed. I see it as a kind of processing widget bedauwde it would be great if we can process data and return a value to the arduino.

Sounds like an interesting idea.
Could you please provide more references? We have an LCD widget. Is it something you think about?

In Processing is it possible to make a screen window to make data visible. I was thinking about a map to display where my robot is. In fact, the program Processing integrated into Blynk. So it is possible to write a mini program in the app, to process data and send other values back to the arduino and to display the data in the app. I hope I am clear enough but it is hard to explain.

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It all boils down to the fact that it would be great if I can make my own widgets!!