Display location

The first image shows the details of my device i.e,Location(V3) in the Callout tab,
The second image shows Callout with more than one tab.
Details :
• Hardware working on : ESP-32
• Smartphone OS : Redmi Note 8 , MIUI 12
• Blynk server
• Blynk Library version : 1.0.0-beta.3

I am working with gps module for showing latitude and longitude , I have got the location in the Map widget but in the documentation of Blynk website the image shows we can add more than 1 value in the Callout tab, I need a solution how can we do more than one value in the Callout tab as because I am only able to add one value (Location) .

Please help me and provide me with a solution

Its the image from the Blynk documentation as stated below

@StudentIoT0101 you can add only “raw” datastreams to the callout (advanced settings of the datastream). Also, you need to use batch API inserts in order to see the values in the callout - Batch Update of the Datastreams - Blynk Documentation


I am getting same error and need some help regarding this.

Are you able to add more than one value in Callout tab ? If yes could you tell me how are you able to do it ? I add the Location value in the Callout tab but when I want to add another value I am unable to do it.

as far as I know we can create one location datastream only, so I guess multiple locations and callouts are not possible.

As you can see in the given image they have shown multiple callout values

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It’s correct, but you have to change “updatetoken” to “update?token”

I did the correct format but when I type the created url as :

I am unable to see the updated virtual pins in the Callout tab, and I don’t even see any response as 200 or 400

Please could you help me

How did you configure pins v1, v2, v4 ?
Post some screenshots please

As you can view in the image I have 4 data streams, I understand that the Location will give me Latitude and Longitude coordinates but for my use I created them in separate manner

Are you sure you’re using the right auth token ?


I tried it using my auth token and it worked flawlessly

I’d put the blt1 subdomain in the API call if it was me, as detailed in the Troubleshooting section of the HTTPS API documentation.