Display given sensor data at a particular time

I’m using various sensors like temperature, humidity,etc with arduino nano and display data on phone using blynk(bluetooth).
The problem is all sensor data display at the same time. Can there be an option to display data on phone only from a particular sensor at a time?

What’s the difference between wrapping many sensors under one timer object Vs. having one timer object for each sensor?

The structure of my code is like :

//variable declarations
void setup()

Blynk.begin(SerialBLE, auth);

Serial.println(“Waiting for connections…”);


void loop()

void firstsensor()
int data1=analogRead(A0);

void secondsesnor()

void thordsensor()
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void loop()

Seems like you missed reading the instructions (still showing in your post) when creating your post… you code is not formatted properly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You must be showing a form of pseudo code as your timer functions are not named the same as the actual functions

All your timers are trying to run at the exact same time every second… better to stagger them for non-simultaneous and non-converging times. eg. 1000… 1025… 1063… and so on, assuming 25ms between 1st and 2nd is enough time to complete the 1st before starting the 2nd and so on…

And as for the method of running a multi-instance timer vs multiple single instance timers… not sure, but i think the former is smaller memory footprint and more processor efficient?