Display from googlesheet

Is it possible to pull data from googlesheet and display on Blynk?

With a lot of manual work - yes. But this is hard.

Hard is not what we are looking for :smile:
My thought was to use google to compute (avg, add, etc…) then post to Blynk.
Perhaps I can get the data back to my hardware and send it to Blynk. I will think about it.
The reason is when power is lost to my hardware, it causes the results to reset.

We have history graph for that. Isn’t it what you need? If something is missing for your case you can always create a topic for that here. If idea is really necessary and required by many users has high chances to be implemented.

Thank you.
My use case is to keep history of a total count. Currently I use googlesheet to store the count and use googlesheet to calculate the total. Using the history graph would work fine however it relies on my device, and so, when my device loses power, my total count goes to zero and the total count starts over.
Do you want me to create a new topic or is this thread a good place for my idea?

Okey. I think in that case you need to use EEPROM + history graph. EEPROM - will save data locally on hardware so you will not lose it. History graph will allow you to see total over time.

Thankyou, I will check it out