Display event time stamp

Hi everyone.

I know that all events are time-stamped and that data is kept in the servers for some time. I can get an idea of the time of some events by using the historical graph, which is great, but anything older than a day is almost impossible to read on the iPhone screen. Is there a simple way to display date/time stamp when a pin goes high or low?

I monitor several doors in my house and it would be useful to have a table with last date/time opened and last date/time closed for each door or group of doors.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

For Android, and presumably iOS, the historical graph will email a CSV of all the timestamps. Just ‘swipe’ the graph.

@Costas thanks for the reply. I do that occasionally, and that helps. However, when we travel I only have iPhone and iPad with me, so the CSV file is difficult to use. Ideally I would have a table on the Blynk app with this info, so I can view it easily.

Hello. You can use also table widget. It was designed exactly for such cases.

Thanks @Dmitriy, but how do I get the date/time stamp data to put into the table.

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You can use Blynk RTC widget for that for now or internet clock or onboard RTC, etc.

is it possible on local server we decrease time period for data less than 1 minutes?
it mean i want to store data on a vpin in second time period and so download the times and values and other…

Yes. But it requires DB setup that is not trivial.

In general, how is it possible?