Disable WiFi Blocking loop

Is there a way to stop the devices going into wifi blocking mode when it cant find the wifi?

the reason I ask is I have long rang devices that don’t need wifi when in the paddock just the first enrolment stage. I find the devices are enrolling fine but as soon as I take them were there is no wifi they loop looking for blynk cloud.

any way of stopping this?


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I agree with you on this. When the internet is interrupted, the algorithms do not smoothly deny due to the rather heavy reconnection request

Wifi can’t block the loop, but internet loss does. There is a big difference because you may be connected to WIFI without internet. But if you have no WIFI it is clear that no Internet also.
I don’t know what is your code but I believe that the loss of internet is the blocking one and not loss of WIFI . If you use (blynk.begin), you should replace and try blynk.config with blynk.connect and do you WIFI connection only once in the Setup not in the main loop…