Direct Wifi Connection

Is it possible to make an app that would control a robot through a direct wifi connection to an Arduino board with Wifi module?

No because Blynk requires a server which neither the arduino or smartphone can host.

You would be best to setup a Bluetooth BLE connection if you want direct control .

There are plenty of threads on the forums about how to set it up.

Wouldn’t it be possible to use an RPi as both Local Server host and WiFi hotspot? Not for connecting to internet, but as local robot control… kind of like how many WiFi based drones do it. Then either control the robot through the RPi GPIO or via arduino/esp - that is also connecting to the RPi hotspot.

Thanks. I was looking for a way to increase range, BLE range is insufficient, but I haven’t found a good app-maker project for anything other than a WIFI connection. Basically looking to turn a small tablet into a fancy remote control with lots of user defined control options and also to receive feedback from the robot.

Yes it is possible :slight_smile:

If you want to control an Arduino connected to the hotspot-Pi I’d suggest a cross-cable and ethernet connection shield (more reliable than wifi) in the robot.