Direct Connection to CC3200

Hi -

I was able to get this example running quickly out of the box

This requires an existing Wifi network. I would like to send the same data from the CC3200 to my iPhone but with a new network created by the CC3200 (In Energia called “CreateNetwork”).

I tried to combine the projects but I just get continuous circling dots. Is there a way to accomplish what I’m trying to do (ie. not use an “existing” network).


Direct connection is not implemented right now, but we think it would be pretty easy task after we introduce Bluetooth Smart support… It takes quite some time unfortunately.

Do you think you will implement it before end of hackster contest?

Thanks. In reading about iOS, it appears they restrict Wifi Direct or P2P. Just curious if this requires a work-around for you on iOS relative to Android or will they be “direct” in terms of the user interface but not necessarily the underlying protocol?

No, I don’t think we can manage it before the hackster contest… BLE is higher priority, and it takes some time… Sorry :frowning:
Direct - means device brings up it’s own Access Point WiFi, and the Phone connects to the device directly.

Are there any other blynk server implementations apart from Java?