Digital pins keeps being displayed as busy

Hi Guys

In my project i have three digital pins which seems like they got stuck as ‘busy’, even though i dont use them at all. They got stuck when i assigned a button to a pin and afterwards change the pin number to another value. I cant seem to reproduce it, but it have happened one time before as well. In that case i just deleted the project and made a new one, but it would be nice if I could avoid that this time :slight_smile:

The pins are D0, D7 & D22 and i use a Arduino Mega.


Hello, what app version do you use?

I’m using ver 2.2 on a iPhone 5s (if that makes a difference?)


Funny you should mention this, but I had this too with a little project I was running the other day. It was on my iPad though and seems to happen to vPins … I remember this bug was some time ago, but it was fixed. Did it re-appear? Like a ghost out of the sky … BOO :wink:

@JWMortensen @Lichtsignaal Try to logout and login again - that should help.
Anyway I’ll appreciate if you provide us with a steps to reproduce in case if you catch this issue again in future.
Also could you please check if you were using Tabs widget and delete some tabs with widgets?

That worked like a charm!! Thank you :slight_smile:
I’m btw using tabs, and I’ll let you guys know if it’s happening again!

Have a great weekend

I haven’t used tabs so far, but I’ll see if I can reproduce it.