Digispark support

Hey guys!
I saw on facebook that you had an attiny85 running blynk and i was wondering if you are planning to add the attiny85 based digispark to the supported hardware :smile: i think it would be perfect for small projects that don’t need alot of pins and it seems it’s already doable.

It may be possible, but maybe not as simple as you think.
I will take a look when I have spare time (added to the TODO list).


Hey guys!
In the examples I have found support Digispark Attiny 85! Please tell me how to run it? The compiler generates an error 'Sketch is too big; read http://www.arduino.cc/en/Guide/Troubleshooting#сице !!!
What to do???

In general, we do not provide non-commercial support for such limited platforms. You can investigate - there are several ways to get the sketch much smaller.