Different equipment on the same screen

Hello friends.

Is there a way to put different equipment on the same scree, like the attached picture. One of my biggest customers is asking me for it and someone is offering this option for him…

Hello. Currently that’s not supported. This feature in our todo list.

However, you may “hack” it by using Modules widget + automations that forward data from multiple devices to one with dashboard that has many Modules widgets.

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Hello, Dmitriy.

I tried to do this but when I tryed to send data to other device I coud not see all the devices from the main company, just the devices that are in the same company.
Is there a way to see all the devices when forwarding data?

I created a new device in a new template that uses multiple modules bus it does not appear in the list of automations.

The problem above is solved.

But how can I see devices from other companies?


Possibly a problem with Roles and Permissions. Please read this documentation Roles and Permissions - Blynk Documentation


Hello, Oleksii-QA.

I want to share data from one device to another, but it just can be done with devices that are in the same organization. One of my customers is a distributor and he wants to share data with devices that are in other organizations under their responsability.

This possibility does not exist. Automation can only be created for devices of one organization

You can use the HttpClient library to share data between devices using blynk API.

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Thank you, John.

Do you have any link where I can laern about it?

Oleksii, thanks for your answer.


My custmer ( the CEO ) must see what is going on with his devices in only one dashboard (each manager of the sub organizations must only see their own - it’s ok).
Is there a way to create a dashboard where I can see multiple devices from the main organization that is distributed in some sub organizations? Like the example in the image
He argues that he could do this when using grafana.



You could also use Node-Red…


Pete, it looks great. I’ll try it.
But still with one doubt. Wher can I find the string server name?
String server_name = “http://lon1.blynk.cloud/external/api/”; - I magine that it’s not http://lon1.blynk.cloud/external/api/

The only bit you may need to change is the “lon1” part and I explained in the first link above that the subdomain prefix that your project uses is shown in the bottom right of your Blynk web console screen - where it says “Region” followed by the name of the server.


Thanks a lot.

Hi, PeteKnight.

Thank you very much.

It's working.
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