Did blynk is not available in Iraq now

I wonder did blynk is not available in Iraq
because my blynk it was work very well
but now it’s dose not work now ? :tired_face: :sob:

Than there must be a problem. What have you tried to solve it? E.g. did you take a look at the serial monitor, what does it output etc.?

hello Lichtsignaal
my blynk was work very well before
but I just leave it for few months and I am trying to connect with blynk . the connect is Fail
there is no connection with blynk

A few months?

Update your hardware library to the latest and re-upload your code to your hardware.

The Blynk server address has been changed.

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Or you could suffer from the GeoDNS problem and you have to put in the correct IP instead of blynk-cloud.com

hi Jamin
please could you give me the link for latest library

http://www.blynk.cc/getting-started/ it’s there :slight_smile:

thanks :blush:
I will try

No problem :wink:

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hello all
I think I need this library only (<BlynkSimpleEthernet.h>)
please if anyone give me the link to download it .

The library is in the link I provided. If you want another library, please eleborate, because I don;t really understand what you want or need.

It still is in the link I provided. There is a button on that page linking to the GitHub of the Blynk library. Read the comments in the top of the file too. You have to manually unzip the whole library in the Arduino library folder. Remove old versions first, they can mess up things.

ok I will try

same problem :sob:
I can’t find BlynkSimpleEthernet library
I think you can see the picture up
the BlynkSimpleEthernet is black color
how can I add only this library
please could you give a link for this library only :disappointed_relieved:

You don’t add just this library, download and install the whole Blynk library, it’s included with that. There are too much dependencies, install everything.

I will try again :sweat: