Dht 11 decimals

Hi guys!
I’m using a dht11 attached to a node mcu, everything is working fine, the only thing I dont know how to do is to make blynk show the temperature without the decimals… On the app the temparature is 35.0000C°

from code: send the value as int, instead of float
from app: use labeled value widget and there you can costumise the decimals

but if you would try to use the search BEFORE ask, i’m sure there are lots of answers for this question…

How can I costumise the decimals?

before trying to costumise the decimals, try to READ the docs attached to each widget:

on each widget setting page, there is a small “i” in the upper right corner of the screen. if you click that, it reveals useful info about that widget. check the “labeled value” widget.

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It worked!! Thank you for the information abaut the little i

you’re welcome. hope you will use it in the future, it is very handy :wink:

please change the topic category as solved!

FYI, That information is also available in the Docs