DHCP failed on NBN

hello all

Has anyone had the same problem after NBN serves turned on all I get is now is DHCP failed.

Are you on the correct forum for this question? :slight_smile: I did a Google search and came up with multiple, recent and near identical questions… all relating to an Australia iNet NBN issue… Doesn’t quite seem Blynk related :wink:

The thing is my blynk program was running fine till NBN was switch on and I have looked and the DHCP is working properly

You are contradicting yourself. Either way, you likely need to check with NBN first to confirm you have full internet functionality, and that NBN is not blocking port 8442 or something… because as you stated:

Also try troubleshooting as per the DOCS;

Particularly step #3: Try running command telnet blynk-cloud.com 8442 from your PC, connected to the same network as your hardware. You should see something like: Connected to blynk-cloud.com..