Devices available to allocate to a widget: discrepancy for the segmented switch



Hi. I’m just wondering if this was a design intension or an omission.

Most widgets can be allocated to an individual device, a set of devices grouped by the device selector or set of devices grouped by the Tag.

For example the menu widget as below:

However, is there an inconsistence that the segmented switch can only access individual devices or a set of devices grouped by the devices selector. Devices grouped by tag are not available. See below. For me the segmented switch is similar in functionality to menu and I would have thought should have the same access to device grouping and the menu?


Seems like app bug. @BlynkAndroidDev FYI.


No, it is not app’s bug. Could we allow segmented control on tags?


Yes. Why not.


@koaiwi will be available in next beta build update


Nice one. Thanks.


Should I be updating to the latest beta to test this?


Tomorrow I’ll release 2.27.1 to production, and this issue will be fixed in it


Thanks for the update. I’ll look out for it.