"deviceId":0 not toggling between 0 and 1

Hi guys

On my GUI app I’ve defined a couple of buttons, with names and pin types as “Virtual”.

To check if there is connection between the app and the API cloud server, everything else (the names, colors, type, etc.) seem to change as requested on the app except the pin state “0”, the state “deviceId”:0 seem not to be indicating any sort of change whatsoever.

Any way I can get around this?


Sorry. Didn’t get your question.

Hey Dmitriy

On my project, I have one of the buttons defined as:


All the parameters change on the server based on the changes made on the mobile app except for "deviceId":0, when the output pin state is supposed to change from 0 to 1 it remains “0” though changed on the GUI button.

What button do you mean?

@Marco_Mkhize You apparently have Local Server, but using the Admin Page the info is in a different format than what you show - How or where exactly are you retrieving this data?

As for Device ID - In the Admin page I believe that refers to the hardware device (which strangely is 0 on all four of my registered devices).

The button status (or for any widget value) is marked as Value and show the proper changes in the Admin page.

Closing redundant thread - OP has recreated and wishes to continue with that one - "value" status on local server