Device Tiles

Device tiles seem to get confused on which device is which. Is that possible? I have 3 unique token ID’s for sure in my code for each and it does not always do it. I have 3 temp/humidity sensors and sometimes all three will be identical to 0.1 deg. Sometimes temps don’t make sense. Hot outdoor unit reads like the one in the air conditioning and vice-versa. I put my ESP8266’s to sleep every 30 seconds to avoid wifi board;so lots of connecting/disconnecting.

Also, don’t see capability to rearrange tiles.

Well, Device Tiles is one of the most used widgets among our business customers and we never heard such issue reports. To check your case, it would be helpful if you post here screenshots of all your Template settings from the app and all the code you running on ESP8266s.

Yep, such capability will appear in future version of Blynk