Device tile 'sort' does not stick

Typical something over which you can argue that its a bug or a feature… anyway, when I sort the device tiles on ‘name’ and I close of the app and start it again, the sorting has reverted back again and I have to sort them again.

And while we’re on the topic, feature request: I would really appreciate the possibility to

  1. sort the tiles one time (and it sticks)
  2. then be able to hide the ‘sort’ bar in the settings.

I’ve also noticed that if I order the device tiles on my iPhone, the order is different on my android device (Google Nexus) despite it being the same project.

This is with the latest mobile apps and local server 0.36.4-Java8.

We will redesign it, that’s why it has some issue, and that’s why the sorting bar is removed in latest app’s release.

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