Device tile-colors dont update and TOO Persistent notifications

Android S8 2.25.1
Recently I’ve noticed the following weird/buggy issues:

  1. the notification are TOO persistent! I don’t know how you pulled it off, but:
  • phone on silent
  • phone on ‘do not disturb’
  • notification for Blynk turned OFF
    And STILL I get notifications!!! (and my wife as well) We encountered this issue when one of my programs started sending a notification while we were both at work…every.single.minute. Eventually we both set our phone on ‘flight’ mode to make it go away.
  1. When you update the color of a widget on the device tile while you have that tile-page ‘active’ it goes well.
    When you do the same update to the widget but your NOT on that tile-page, the color is NOT updated!!
    I ran into this when having different colors for target Temps Home/Night/Vacation. When setting it for one tile on that tile, the color changed, however when I set it from Central tile (which pushes the update to each device, which runs that color update code) the colors did NOT change

no one?