Device Selector with Time Input Widget

Local server 0.30.2
Blynk for Android 2.18.1

I’m not sure if this bug is in the app or the server.

I added Device Selector to my project. and connected two devices to it.
I then connected Time Input Widget (and several other widgets) to Device Selector.

The bug is that Time Input Widget doesn’t keep the settings I made for device1 when I switch to device2, change the times for device2 and switch back to device1. There is only one state of Time Input widget across all devices.

Switching between devices works fine with other widgets like the Slider. Slider remembers the settings I made for each device…

Thanks for this great project. I enjoy it very much.

Hello. Thanks for the report. We will check.

We cannot reproduce the issue. Does close/reopen app help to restore value?

I tried it again. It happens when I leave Time Input widget by pressing the back arrow in the upper left corner instead of OK. The new time is shown in Time Input widget, but after selecting another device and coming back to the first device, it will show the old time again.

back arrow means quit without saving changes, press OK to confirm the changes.

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Yes. But when I leave by pressing the back arrow the newly selected time is shown in the widget. This gives the false impression that back is as good as OK. It only forgets about the new time when selecting another device in Device Selector.

OK is global confirmation for accept, use it.

Well, in that case it is not a bug. “Back” means - do not send selected value. And if value wasn’t send it is not saved.

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