Device selector not working in local server

Device selector not working on local server

Hey guys, I’ve been running a local server and everything is working fine, except for the device selector and device tiles. I’ve read the docs, but couldn’t figure out if I was doing something wrong. maybe I’m not setting it up as it was supposed, or it could be a bug, but both of my devices are registered in my server , online, and working with any other function. Here are my versions.

  • Blynk 2.26.7 ( Android )
  • Blynk server 0.39.7-SNAPSHOT
  • Blynk_Release_v0.5.4
  • NodeMcu ( connected via wifi )
  • Arduino Uno ( via USB )

The following pictures show the devices, app and device selector options

Thanks to everyone and especially to the Blynk devs for this great app

Hello. What exactly is not working? Could you please describe some scenario you expect to work?

I expected to be able to select the device inside another project, but there’s no option to select the uno inside the mcu nor the mcu inside the uno. like if there’s a millis counter , to choose between seeing the uno’s timer or the mcu’s.

Devices are isolated within 1 project only. This is by design.

Oh , I skipped the Control multiple devices section , what a starter mistake, Thank you very much for the help and for this great app that Blynk is.