Device Selector - Help with my project to migrate this functionality from 0.1 Blynk to Blynk IoT


Further to our discussion regarding Device Selector Widget exclusion from IoT.

Can you or anyone suggest how the same very efficient functionality may be migrated to IoT. The use case generally is where you have a number of devices doing the exact same thing that require exactly the same UI to control them. A simple example would be controlling light switches using Blynk.

This is what one of my simple UI’s looks like.

From this single UI I can select any of my devices (20) and view and control them.

From this single UI I can select my switches to control how they work.

Any ideas as to how I might do this with the same ease and concise UI in one single screen in IoT.


DeviceTiles will cover your needs, the only downside is that right now Tiles are too big. So when you have 20 tiles, you have to scroll to find what you need. We have in plans introducing smaller Tile layouts.

Yes. How you explained it is the only way I could see it being done. I was hoping you had a magic bullet up your sleave :slight_smile: . The web dashboard template creation concept does ease the creation of each tile but the presentation to the user of the final UI is less than ideal. Would you agree?

Not only are the tiles huge at the moment they are also as far as I can see not able to be grouped/ordered so are placed anywhere randomly within the dashboard. I am finding it clumsy to try to navigate my way around. I have been spoilt with device selector :slight_smile:

Good news that the tiles will have an option to be smaller. Is there a possibility to configure their order or even group them within separate dashboard pages to make navigation easier?

I thought that maybe the business builder would have a requirement to have just one simple interface to access a number of similar devices like the device selector? Such as a bunch of switches? Has this not been a use case requested by businesses? DIYers and Business Makers seem to have diverse requirements.

If you tap the three horizontal bars at the top right of the tiles screen (next to the spanner/wrench icon) you can change the sort order to a certain extent.


Thanks Pete. To a certain extent I can see you can order them.

A good start…