Device offline notifications

I am using two ESP devices on my blynk app on an iphone 11 running iOS 14.1. I have offline notifications turned on and I get notifications when either of the devices goes offline. One of the ESPs is powered on every two hrs to gather sensor data and then send it to the other ESP and the app. Then it is powered off to save energy. The receiving ESP needs to stay on all the time to be ready to receive updates and preform other tasks.
I would like to get offline notifications when the receiving ESP goes offline but I don’t really want to be notified when the sending ESP that is only powered on every two hrs goes offline. Is there anyway to just get notifications when a specific ESP goes offline and NOT the other one?

I think the notification settings are global, so all devices would trigger an offline notification after the same amount of time.
Changing the notification time to 2 hours is the only real option, but that isn’t much use for your device that should be on all the time.


Thanks, maybe I will suggest it as a new or improved feature.

No harm in suggesting it, but the developers are working on the next version of Blynk and on projects for paying customers, so I doubt that it will happen - certainly not any time soon.


Maybe it is something paying customers might like.

Possibly, and that’s what would drive the development, but probably not until a paying customer actually requests it.

There are some potential workarounds, like having a 3rd device which pings the one with 24/7 power and sending out a notification if it goes offline, but that doesn’t help with power or internet failure unless maybe that device was in a different project with a different notification rule.