Device not showing anymore in app


since today after having bad connection on my iOS device I don’t see my Blynk device anymore on the Blynk iOS app but I see it on the website. I’ve tried uninstalling and installing again the Blynk iOS app but nothing changed

Any way to fix this?

Hello. Did you change Template Id in your firmware sketch? Usually, this type of problem means that Template Id was changed and doesn’t match those that were made on the mobile app. Also, maybe mobile template was removed?

Hello Dmitriy,

yes, i’ve renamed the template. Is there a fix for this? I keep receiving push notifications for the device but I don’t see it

You can upload the new firmware with the correct Template Id field?

I did it, but it’s strange because inside the template I see the old id as BLYNK_TEMPLATE_ID inside the device I see the template name as BLYNK_TEMPLATE_ID is this the expected behavior?

Could you please provide a screenshot if possible? It’s not clear for me what is template id and what is device template id from your comments.

Sure, here you can see that inside the template i’ve the ID TMPL…etc inside the device i’ve the template id the same as the template name

The device screen is wrong, it’s a bug. We fixed it already. you need to use the template id form the tempalte.