Device Name missing on Device Tile

I have 5 devices. Today two devices have lost the Device Name (or label) at the top of their Tiles in the mobile app. The other 3 device names are still there.
The Device Name metadata is correct in the dashboard.
Any suggestions on how to re-instate the Names.

Android or iOS?
App version?

I have faced similar issues before.

When you create a tile on IOS and modify the same tile on android device, the names vanish!!

I am not sure that you have done this, but i have encountered this problem several times.

Actually we cannot set the tile icon on IOS. But can be done on android.,

So as a walk around, i change the icon on my android and it reflects the same icon on my ios device. But the name will disappear 🫠 .

IOS 16.2
Blynk IoT 3.4.4(1)
Another piece of information that I just remembered is that I did play around recently with changing the tiles for a couple of devices using bluestacks (Android) .
This could be the clue to the problem as Madhukesh as noticed.
Thanks for the prompt replies.

Problem solved.

John93’s question got me thinking about versions.

I went to the app store and updated Blynk to 3.5(0) and the Labels are back.

Thanks for your time.

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