Device is off line in a ramdom times


Some times, 3 or 4s time each day , the HW device is disconneted. I m following the recomendations, I am using simpletimers, and my loop() is very light, I have a Blynk Server in a local LAN and Im using ESP8266 + WIFI.

Well, all day works very stable but always at the same time between 14:00 hours and 17:00 hours (local), disconnection occurs three or four times. That means, the cause could be external?

At the moment I have a routine to reconnect when this occur

any suggestions?


Possibly external of course.

But also, from my experience, reading and sending a couple of network requests simultaneously is sometimes enough for ESP8266 to delay networking and trigger blynk reconnect. Was surprised myself. Have to be careful in your sketch.

Me too, only a little different. I finally got my code to work and then it says “device name” is offline. Even though my photon is connected and breathing cyan. I checked my authentication and it is correct. Any ideas?

any body have an answer??

Usually this is caused by a incorrect loop () sketh, you must follow the blynk recomendations to avoid flood or delay troubleshooting .

In my case I think is a Network issues or electronic unestables could be caused by power supply

Thank uou Eugene,

My project is a GPS traking solution and Im reading and sending once per second location points, also i m reading current sensor an send once per second value also. My device are wachting the way point position but in specific conditions trigger blynk notification also. In general for this funcionality, are stable all the time, but in random times device went off line.


Is anyone using a microwave nearby between 14:00 and 17:00?


Can you say that in English?

Could be, but not at least in 4 meters around it

Could be the reason?

Which part did you not understand? He clearly said device could be going off-line due to loop (timing) issue, network issue or power issue.

@gAtIOnTh, thank you!!! You are right, I tested with the microwave turning on, then the device went off line repeatedly .

SOLVED this “poltergeis”


How do I fix it?