"device down" push notification?

One type of projects i’m hesitating use Blynk with so far, are the more stable sensitive. I see people talking about security systems, home automation and so on.
These types require IMO, high stability or at least knowledge of when connection/device is down. Now that you have added the Push notifcation, would it be possible to combine it with a feature to notify if connection with the device is lost?

In practical i’m thinking that one would enable it in the code, making your server listen or “ping” for the device. If nothing heard for x-time it will notify the mobile-app and stop listen/ping.

Would this be feasible or even possible?



This is possible and nice idea. Indeed on server side it is already implemented. But on app side we have to enable this somehow, most probably via new widget =). So I think we’ll implement this after other widgets =).

That sounds good. I thought the Push Notification widget would do this.

But no hurry, i know you guys must be busy :slight_smile:

Yeap. It could be done in push widget. it’s even better.

I support this as well.

We just discussed this within team. This requires small effort, so I’ll do it just right now and in few days it will be in store :wink:

@blynk_team You guys are just great :smile:

  • Listening
  • Helping
  • And very fast responding

If i could name a street after you guys i definitely would… “Blynk blvd” :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Implemented. It is really nice feature. Sad you can’t try it right now :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve noticed more Android pushes than iOS… Oddly, I am mostly an Android “guy” but am using my iPhone primarily for Blynk (my droid is a tablet)… When can we expect some of these nicer widgets and enhancements to come to iOS?

We plan to make a release for iOS on 7-th of July. It will include push notifications and RGB widget. RGB took a lot of time due to complexity.

@Dmitriy Hahahaha… You are mean :stuck_out_tongue: I’m looking forward to try it. :slight_smile:


just released new Android version with feature proposed by you. Enjoy!

When can we expect new version on iOS ?


Thank you
Just been away for a few days. but i look forward to try it :smile:

When can we expect IOS update. It has been a long time since last one. And it is already 25th July. You stated 7th July. ???!!!???

We had some internal team changes which are causing a delay. Sorry. The update is really close, about 2 weeks