Device/app X 2 crosstalk?

Not sure what I could have done wrong here, but I’ve got a ESP standalone running at home. Pumping data to a handful (8) of virtual pins. One app for the device, has its own Auth Token.

Different app/device pair, different Auth Token, esp as a shield to a maple-mini clone defined as a generic device, (, simply pushing current millis()/1000 to V0 of the new app.

Seemed to be working, then I started to get a “1” value showing on the new app’s Value Display. After trying bunches of things, I realized pushes from the first app were showing up in the second app (again, different Auth Token), but all under my one user account (server

I changed the Vpins in the new app (I’m on the road now so I couldn’t even stop the first device’s push if I wanted to), and all seemed better.


Do you use Android? We had such bug there. I think it was already fixed.

Sorry, forgot to mention. IOS.

OK, so I guess the bug exists in IOS as well. I’ve moved to non-conflicting virtual pins for now. Is there a better way to report this (so I can see when a fix is available, for example)?

This bug is fixed already. It was server side issue and thus require new deployment. I believe in a week we will deploy this fix. Thank you for reporting!