I am also very disappointed by BLYNK2.0.Very difficult for old people like me to migrate to this novelty.Years to tame Blynk destroyed for I guess the money is behind it all! I’ll leave Blynk for more user-friendly arduino IoT!


Bon courage avec Arduinot IOT Cloud Pierric !

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Ok but Blynk doesn’t satisfy me anymore! Too many changes and an interface that doesn’t suit me anymore!
Apparently, I’m not the only one!

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No you are definitely not the only one. That new Blynk is a completely different product with less features, its is more of a downgrade than an upgrade. They closed it off.
But it seems that’s what they needed to do to make sure it’s profitable for them.
Can’t blame them but it is very disappointing.
Be patient, and try to rebuild your projects one by one.

@Pierric_Doublet would you be able to provide more detailed feedback so that we can consider future improvements?

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