Detailed explanation of blynkconfig

I am running into some problems with buffers sending http get . Are the buffer settings in blynkconfig have any influence also on the buffers of esp when sending info to other sites over wifi in the esp program?
Is there more detailed info about the buffers and settings described in the blynkconfig file?

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I know two combinations, dont know if they will help.

Server being a IP address

Blynk.config(with, server, port);

Hope that helps!

Thanks for your reply. I am actually talking about the config file with the data about Heartbeat , max buffer and send throttle, which is in de arduino library in the Blynk folder
I have problems with the length of my http get request and need to change the params
However , I would like to have more info about these setting before messing around with it

OK, sorry don’t know much about the config file

Maybe these will help?