Deploy Blynk Sketch On Local Server

I’ve searched high and low for this, so it’s probably not possible.

Is it possible to deploy a blynk sketch on a local server and then share it?

server runs sketch constantly --> users can connect to sketch with share link via IOS/ANDROID app

Hello. Yes. This is possible. You may run any script (that may simulate hardware). Here is some basic instruction for raspberry, but your may reuse it for your goal -

Hey Dimitriy, thanks for the lightning response. I watched the tutorial but i dont see how it relates to what I was saying. I saw something that could potentially work, but there isnt a lot of documentation on it. The App Client, could this work for what I am trying to do? Have multiple sketches hosted on one device, and use the QR to link people to them?


What @Dmitriy was saying (I think ;)) was, Yes… e.g. You could possibly run an Android emulator on the same device as the Local Server, then have it “share” a project via a Web Page hosted on your Local Server… but it could get a bit complicated to setup and is not documented that I am aware of.

An easier? way might be to have the projects on the server cloned, then just have the QR files available for scanning (again on a Web Page somewhere), and each user would just create their own account on the Local Server and scan the QR to connect to their own hardware as needed.

Awe I see, ok. Any suggestions for emulators?

I am having great results with MEmu

EDIT - It works fine on a PC (AMD or Intel) but I don’t know if it will run on Linux.

My real question is how to host the sketch somewhere else other than the phone or tablet?

Awesome, thanks for the suggestion / help.

I don’t think that is possible (emulator aside), as the App is the only non Open Source part of Blynk… without its necessity, the Developers risk losing control of Blynk (AFAIK).

There is the HTTP RESTful API but I am not sure if that would work as you require.

Hey been playing around with Memu and it’s awesome! Thanks a lot, this will def work with that im trying to do.

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That’s exactly what video above shows. You can install NodeJS and using script from above video you may write any code you need. And thus this is nodeJS you may host wherever you want.

Presumably when you say “sketch” you mean Blynk project rather than a piece of Arduino code?