Delay to trigger "offline" notification

I am looking for a way to set a delay before an “offline” notification is triggered.

My Blynk app is running on iPhone, receiving data from an ESP8266, which monitors water level on a basement sump pit. This has been in place for months and works nicely, except that it daily goes offline several times for a few seconds (wifi interference, I presume). For each event, an offline notification is issued and a few moments later it comes back online.
This results in the notifications being ignored and becoming nothing more than a nuisance.

Therefore my question: is there a way to set a delay before triggering the notification?

It’s right there in the notification widget…

You can choose to ignore offline periods of between 1 second and 24 hours before a notification is triggered…


Fantastic !!! Thanks, Pete !

I can’t find a similar setting in Blynk 2.0.
This is not in the “online” and “offline” event settings, in the phone settings you can only turn on the notification when offline, but where are the temporary settings?
Where are the time delay settings for offline and online?


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PeteKnight, thanks a lot! For some reason I couldn’t find it…