Deep Sleep mode and Notify widget

Hello Blynk Community,
I’m doing a project about smart agriculture. After that, I used deep sleep mode and it worked.
However, in my Blynk app, I used Notify widget and when NodeMCU ESP8266 goes to sleep, Blynk will announce… This means my Bynk app will notify me continuously when my sensor node wakes up and goes to sleep.
Can somebody help me how to fix it?
What is the best solution for my problem?
If my post has errors, please forgive me.
Thanks and best regard,

In the Notify widget turn off the option that says “notify when hardware goes offline”


Tks, but I think it not an optimal solution. Assume, my sensor node doesn’t work, I can’t receive the announcement because of turning off the option “notify when hardware goes offline” which means when I choose this option, I can’t receive all notifications without exception…

It’s the only solution you have.
Blynk is intended to be be online all the time. If you use it in deep sleep mode then it will be offline most of the time.
With the current version of Blynk you can’t enforce data quality/age rules, so you’ll need to do something else such as publishing the time when the data was last updated as wall as the data values.


In the notify widget there is an ignore time selection just set it longer than your sleep time.

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