Debug sketch on Blynk_Release_v0.5.0


I’ve found what was crashing my project when I use the new v5 library.
My app is 2.17.1 and my local server 0.28.5
My NANO is rebooting each time this LCD code is played.
It worked whitout issue on the old library.

   char DeltaPoids_Char[5];   // =11,5
   byte j=0;

    for (i=5 ; i <= 8 ; i++){ DeltaPoids_Char[j]=BufferI2C[i];j++;}    //  (**.*'\0')

//this code worked on old library, but now causes restarting the sketch
lcd.print(9, 1, F("-"));lcd.print(10, 1, DeltaPoids_Char);
//this code alone works fine with the new library
lcd.print(10, 1, DeltaPoids_Char);
//this code alone works also fine with the new library
lcd.print(9, 1, F("-"));

So separetely it works, but together it crashes.

Ok, it looks being linked to the limits of the little NANO memory to handle the new v5 library.

lcd.clear();lcd.print(9, 1, F("-"));lcd.print(14, 1, F("kg"));lcd.print(11, 0, F("R1"));lcd.print(10, 1, DeltaPoids_Char);}

I had to write “R1” on the line 0 between writing the fixed strings "-“kg” and writing the variable ‘DeltaPoids_Char’ on the line 1 :slight_smile: If I write in one shot all the line 1, the NANO reboots…
Strange isn’t it? The NANO needed some rest to free some memory?

If someone can explain this more, I’m interested!