Datastream unit conversions

Is there a way to do unit conversions after the data from my board has been passed to Blynk?

I have a weather station and I like reporting both metric & imperial units but with the new datastream caps taking place in a week I’m trying to find ways to mitigate. I have 9 baseline datastreams being sent but 15 total with the conversions.

Obviously not a big deal but was just curious. I searched around and I don’t think it’s possible but didn’t know if someone has a solution (aside from paying… I can’t justify $60/year for displaying metric units. I’d love to pay for the service but I don’t think my need is worthy of $60…Blynk folks - can you consider a bridge plan between free and plus??)



You could potentially use a Labelled value widget to display text, and produce a text string that says “xx.x MPH yy.y M/Sec”
You’d probably need to use sprintf() to produce these text strings, so that you can easily handle the formatting to give neat looking results.