DataStream in the SuperChart

Hi everybody,
I’ve been using Blynk Legacy for a couple of years for my own personal project. I’ve also bought additional Energy Balance to extend my project.
Now I’m trying to migrate to the new Blynk IoT platform but I’ve an issue.
In the Legacy app it was possible to create SuperCharts including up to 4 DataStreams. It seems that in the New Blynk IoT app, instead, it is possible to manage just one DataStream only per each SuperChart. More than one SuperChart for each project but just one DataStream for each.
My Current Plan is the Free Plan but no limitations (regarding the maximum number of DataStreams that can be added in the SuperChart) appear in the relevant features (which seem to be the same of the other plans).

Is it possible to add more than one DataStream in the same SuperChart of the New Blynk IoT app?
If not, is it possible to continue to use the old Legacy Blynk App updating the firmware i.a.w. the new Blynk rules (required by the new environment/servers)?
Many thanks and best regards.

If you open the web console > Settings ? Billing you’ll be able to access a comparison of the plans.

If you upgrade to Plus then you get the Pro mobile widgets…