Datastream for Time input


I was trying to migrate my old blynk project to the new Blynk Iot.

I know there is automation feature, but i am using time input widget for my convenience(its bit complicated to explain).

Now i have setup the data stream for time input as string. But after setting the time, it seems like the time is not passed on to the device. There is no output on the serial monitor. The same piece of code is working fine on the old blynk.

But automations work as it should. I have tried it already.

Can anyone shed some light on problem i am facing.

It’s difficult to comment without seeing your code.
Have you made the necessary changes to use the InternalPinUTC instead of using the RTC widget to get the current time?
Without that, your time comparisons could be meaningless.


Can you please tell me how to do this ? I saw the documentation but that is really confusing for me.
Apparently there was missing from the loop. And now fixed my problem.


[342689] Using Dynamic IP:
[342700] Current time: Sun May  8 16:57:44 2022 // DD MM YYY is right. But not the time.

I want to get the time right. I live in India so i need to set UTC+05:30 in the RTC.

I’d suggest that you read this…

And this…


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Sure will check it out. I will get back and update it here.

Thank you .

I am using the timelib to get the time with ntp server. For now i am getting the device to work.