Data on Home Screen widgets not updating as I would expect

new scaling power of the fonts?

Sarcasm… as in they no longer fit like they used to… dead horse needs further flogging :stuck_out_tongue:

We had not changed anything in this release for them o_0

Hah… no, I am just still fuming from the original issue, way back when… it literally ruined most of my experimental projects and led to my much reduced use of Blynk. Spending time looking at this ONE example of how it looks now just reminded me (I normally only use the desktop button)

But never mind, it is old news now, with just me… muttering to myself over in the dark corner…


the current beta version which has the additional functionality regarding putting widgets in a tile onto the home screen. When will you release the beta? I would like to use it but am hesitant to use the beta version right now as when I update I lose the widgets from the home screen and then it costs money to reinstall :slight_smile: Thanks.

They shouldn’t fail after app’s update. How it looks?