Data format in History Graph

Records in .csv file looks like:
Excel could not recognize data format.


Date is UTC and you can write formulas in Excel for the conversion.

It’s Unix time I think. You can convert it online, but basically it’s the number of seconds that passed since 1-1-1970

To display the date/time in excel create extra field and add formula:
Due to your timezone and/or DTS you might need to do extra adjustment.

Not explored yet but if you have a php running just import the unix time and let php handle it.
Perhaps your NAS can run php so no extra hardware is required.

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What that number?

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Time stamps in UNIX are stored as an integer value representing the number of seconds since 1 January 1970. Further, time stamps are stored in GMT time, meaning there has been no adjustment to the stamp to reflect time zones or time-zone variations (such as Daylight Savings Time).

Excel, on the other hand, stores time stamps as a real number representing the number of days since 1 January 1900 (the default setting). The integer portion of the time stamp represents the number of full days, while the portion of the time stamp to the right of the decimal point represents the fractional portion of a day, which can be converted to hours, minutes, and seconds.
To do a straight conversion of a UNIX time stamp to the Excel system, all you need to do is use this formula:
=UnixTime / 86400 + 25569
In this example, UnixTime can be either a named cell containing the integer UNIX time stamp value, or it can be replaced with the actual integer value. Since the UNIX time stamp is stored as seconds, the division by 86400 is necessary to convert to days, which is used by Excel. (86400 is the number of seconds in a day.) You then add 25569, which is the number of days between 1 January 1900 and 1 January 1970.

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Just add or deduct the time zone difference in seconds
like for India i added 5:30 hrs i.e 19800 seconds to the UTC integer
=(UnixTime+time zone difference in seconds) / 86400 + 25569

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