Data consolidation from all devices to a single dashboard/webpage within Blynk

Is there a way, completely within Blynk, whereby I can have a single dashboard (or webpage within my Blynk login) that can consolidate data from each device and display it?

Basically, on a single page I’d like to show a list of device names along with a virtual pin value from each of those devices.

I found info on something called Bridge, but it appears it no longer exists.

Thank you.

You should read this…

and you can also use Automations, but be aware of the limits that are in place.


I read through this… if I understand correctly, these all require another separate device which all other devices send data to… then creating a dashboard for that separate device?

I was hoping there was a way in Blynk to just consolidate the data and show on a single page, without extra hardware. Odd to me that this is not a built in capability in Blynk. Seems to me like an obvious function that folks would want… but maybe not.