Dashboard-derived templates and device names

For many of us, the primary confusion with Blynk 2.0 stems from the addition of the template and web interface. Blynk 0.1 was absolutely elegant in its simplicity - one dashboard connected to one device. I wonder if we couldn’t regain some of that simplicity by automating the template definition step.

It seems like the required elements (device name, hardware, virtual pins, connection type) were always defined in the legacy dashboard. Couldn’t these elements be used to construct a placeholder template if one hasn’t been explicitly defined in advance?

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It’s possible, but then we get back to the wild west of undefined data, which complicates things later on,

We are working on some simplifications.

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I loved to make apps for personal use on old blynk but blynk 2 you have to jump between blynk cloud Arduino IDE and the phone. Kind of extra steps for a reason I don’t understand, except now Blynk want you to pay monthly and keep tight control on users.
One more thing I noticed If you held boot button longer you lose your configuration, that means deleting the device creating new template all the data streams and creating mobile dash board from scratch., what a pain some where in my anotmy.

Keeping Configeration in FLASH not a good idea, easily gets corrupted. Keep wifi configuration in the sketch just like old blynk server.

Well, considering that is the exact purpose of the Edgent “resetbutton.h” that is probably good that it functions as intended.
Honestly, I think it is an amazing development. I’m in the process of trying to create a commercial product, and the user provisioning section was giving me headaches. This takes care of all of it, and also allows the end user to self-reset the device to change networks if needed.

I get that Blynk2.0 doesn’t (yet) seem to be as accessible for personal projects, but the team seems to be working on bringing back a lot of that functionality. They are also seem to be leaving the “legacy” or “old” Blynk server running until they have this all sorted.

No one likes change at first, but I can absolutely see the potential gains of this new system. I’ve already been making HEAVY use of Edgents OTA features for testing/developing new features without having to go get the device and honestly? It’s easier to do an OTA update through the Blynk cloud then any other upload method I’ve ever used before, FTDI included.

That’s not correct.
The device configuration is erased, but it’s a simple task to re-provision the device from the existing template, using all of the old datastream and dashboard settings.


May be I do not understand re provisioning. But once I lose connection to the device only way I could figger out was doing the whole thing again. If there is a way I would love to know. Any help will be appreciated greatly.



An other thing that is missing in Blynk 2 is the Bridge Widget, which was great in make on device controlable via smart phone and another in a different location receiveing the the results of your control and , Example I have two car garage , controled with cell phone, wall switch and hand held remote. I have a bridge device located in the house monitoring both doors position open or close through bridged with first device. Regardless how the door is opened or closed it changes th status on the inside device., will miss the simple bridge, with digital pins gone more people will have to write short snipers of code now, not a problem for me. But bliynk approach of NO CODE ?

Question, is it not so that you have to log in blynk.cloud to create template and data streams and you log in with same creds on your phone to set up mobile dashboard , you have to have device ID for template., how can you give your product to any one, built around your personal info.

Could you please explain what do you mean?

Nothing related to the search icon is intuitive. With the documentation you can find it but without that to create notification settings would be impossible to find. Creating the first device was frustrating also.

when will you publish a new blynk with modifications???, cause wanna convince my company for yearly subscription…the main issue now using multiple devices with one dashboard!!!

@hamood this is still in the plans. No ETA currently. Although I’d recommend starting with thousands of features we have today and see if products are selling well, customers are overall happy, and business model works.

By that time we will introduce this feature. Another option is to work with Blynk.Studio on a custom development project for your company.