Daily alarm

Hey guys,
I want expand my morning-routine-alarm with a new function. Until now at night, I set a timer HIGH or LOW, so that in the morning the room light wake me up automatically. Exactly there lies the problem. Sometimes at the weekend (when the timer should spent off) I forget do disable it, so I got aeaken, which may not happen anymore :see_no_evil:
I read something where was written that it would be easy possible to realize it with the Eventor widgets “Time event” which I can not find :disappointed_relieved:
Other solutions to solve the problem or I only have to wait until the next update??
The aeaking-routine sould be active usually from Monday to Friday, every day at the same time (which I want also be able to change over Blynk-App)
I am using Blynk 2.27.6
Thanks in the meantime :v:

Use the Time Input widget and set Day if Week Selection to Yes.