Custom Controls

Some context:
Developing a web based solution to program and control a quadruped robot in a simple block based environment like Blink/Scratch for child education.

I have decided to base the code on the Blynk open source client and server components
I wanted to get some advice on what if any potential issues I might run into the future if:

  1. I will be able to create custom controls and plug them into the existing model (eg by inheriting the Blynk base control)

  2. Creating a custom web client.

  3. Do the Blynk Cloud and Blynk Server, share the same implementation, are they essentially the same thing. I am trying to establish if the open source version of the server also supports a multiple users, accounts ect or if it is just a stripped down private/local implementation.
    (I appreciate I may be asking a bit much here)


Great!, looking forward to it :wink: