Custom Blynk App

Hello I’m interested in programming my own app to use with the Blynk server. All I need the app to do is show notifications. I have looked for documentation on the software side of the Blynk server but cannot find anything. Any help is appreciated, thanks

Thanks for your reply but im looking to make my own app (not a project on the blynk app).

We don’t have such docs. WE were planning to make SDK. But this is not priority at the moment. However there is light in the tunnel. Blynk has java client that may be used for Android. It is very easy to use. However you need to investigate code a bit. Here is for start -

So in general you need to :


in general that’s it. However there is no docs regarding commands format and necessary params =(.

Ok, thanks @Dmitriy that is what i was looking for!