Custom Auth token for school

I’m teacher in middle high school, I want to use blynk for some simples projects.
I have build a local blynk server successfully. It’s connected to wifi router “local” (whitout internet connection).
I can’t use email for some legal conditions.

Is it possible to generate Auth Token with only 8 caracteres ?


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Hello. Yes, you can. However, for that you have to change the server code and rebuild the server again.

can you share your experience public or private please? Also i am a teacher and working about iot projects in my school. Maybe we can share our experiences about school projects.

P.S. It may be private, I created some private(for my articles) and public projects.


Thank you for your answer.
Could you explain me witch code I have to change in the server ?

This is CreateDeviceLogic (token creation) and HardwareLoginHandler (length verification)

If you could use an intra-school email system, maybe using a local server is a better option.

Dear @mohan_sundaram,
indeed they will use local server as it stated on his first message… See:

If the problem is about copying/sending token - you could always copy the auth token to Clipboard by long tap on it.