Custom API for creating user


I add custom API to local server source code:

When I go to local server admin area I see new user created. But when I try to login using Android Blynk App I get error message: “User is not registered”. In Login I correctly selected custom server and port.

Is there something missing in API call?

Any help is welcome.


Hello. You need to use hardcoded AppName.BLYNK

Thanks Dmitriy, now I can Log In. But when I try to create new profile.dashBoard (in browser admin area) and save it, token is not generated and not send by email.

Is there anything else that I’m missing?


That’s correct. This admin UI is just ready template it doesn’t perform any business logic. So it should be used only for displaying data. Making it “functional” requires some efforts.

Ok, I see. Is there a call I can made (similar to userDao.add), to create dashboard in code, generate token and send it to email?


This are all separate operations. See CreateDashLogic, TokenManager, AppMailLogic for more details.

Hi @ttss82,

I have implemented the same api as yours to create a new user. I can see user in list in administration after login using admin. But not able to login with that user from blynk app or using http api. Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you,