CSV export from Superchart to mail doesnt work

Hallo all, i tried for a year now but still I am still not able to receive the .csv file from the Superchart in my mailbox. Of course i checked spam etc. I am able to receive other mails form Blynk so dont think the problem is at my mailbox. Also allready tried another mailadress, still no succes :frowning:

Any sugestions?

i have the same problem and also ask for help !!!


Hi I am Facing with same problem I have a device based on ESP32 in bluetooth and Android phone with Blynk an Superchart it collects data that I can’t export anyway. Is there any variants to save or export data from super chart?

You can use the API from a web browser to get the data…



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it sows only 5 lines same it every export.

By the way I get an email to restore the password to blink but I cant get e-mail with auth. token. My email is on gmail.com

Are you getting a .gz archive file, which contains a .csv file when you uncompress it?

If so, what exactly does that look like when you open it in Excel?


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Okay, put this formula in cell D1 and drag it down to the rest of column D…
then select column D and change the format to ‘custom’ and the type to dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss

That will show us the date/time stamp of the results.


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What is this sex all about? I have dosens of data on superchart and by your advise i get only five and mast convert it after

Typo? Hopefully!

I was trying to help you to get to the bottom of the issue, by understanding what data points have been written to the Blynk server - which is where the data export comes from, as opposed to the data that is displayed in your app. But it seems that you don’t want this help, so I’ll leave you to resolve the issue yourself.


Thanks Pete this works for me, I have the CSV file now!
Only thing is it looks only 2 weeks back in time and in my superchart on my phone I can look back more than a year. Do you also have a solution for that?

No, the cloud servers only allow export of around 2 weeks of the one minute data.